Where Should I Invest My Money 2022?

Depending on your age where you invest your cash will vary drastically.

As a younger investor your appetite for risk may be slightly higher than a more mature investor. Although you may be looking for high rewards, and therefore high risk, we wouldn’t recommend going for a large, complex project as your first deal.

For your first deal you are looking to go through the motions, complete on a deal, carry out some refurbishment and then rent it out!

A perfect way to do this would be to buy with a family member or a close friend. This way you may be able to afford a slightly larger property, where you can benefit from renting each room individually, especially if you are looking to live in the property too. 

With a deal like this you would be looking to achieve capital appreciation, and when the time is right you can either sell or refinance the property, and take that pot of cash and begin to grow your portfolio!

More mature investors may look for a more hands off approach, rather than going out seeking deals, negotiating with the agents, and get their hands dirty with renovations.  A good option is to act as an Angel and get an annual return on the investment made.

Let us know which option you would prefer, or whether you are looking to invest your cash elsewhere using a different strategy!