About Us

We are a central London based firm delivering fast & flexible bridging finance to experienced private property investors whilst simultaneously offering private funders immediate & consistent returns with bricks & mortar security



Deliver with ease, speed and certainty bridging and development finance for sophisticated and experienced property investors, while safely providing our investors with better returns on their money.


To be the best provider of short to medium term finance for serious property investors.


We position ourselves as a collaborative lender building enduring transparent partnerships with our borrowers and investors to deliver fast and flexible funding with consistent and reliable returns.

About What We Do & How We Got Here

For over 15 years the management team has been investing personally in the UK private rented sector as well as funding projects. This early experience led to the development of a formalised private lending business in 2009 which was organically developed over the subsequent years.

In the more recent past, management had been responsible for the management of a £20,000,000 fund. Being tasked with the growth & allocation of the fund, as well as the due diligence and project analysis required to completely service clients. In this case the added experience of managing capital investment from overseas clients proved beneficial. Allocating a larger volume of capital in a diverse way was important and projects at this stage varied in size, from £65,000 to £1,200,000.

Following this extensive experience as an institution, a borrower & a private investor the management team founded DJF Asset Management. Distilling over 30 years of experience to create a collaborative lending service for property investors in the UK private rented sector.

Thanks to this detailed experience management have the real world experience necessary to effectively and competently evaluate projects.

Developing a company organically requires a strong service ethos, delivering above and beyond the expectations of clients. It. Both the bridging finance industry where time is money and delays can cost deals, and the private investment industry commands a higher standard. We recognise this and fully embrace the challenge to deliver results when it matters.

Our Team

Mark Dalton

Mark Has Been Actively investing in the UK property Market for over 2 decades. In the later half of this Mark has devoted his time to helping other investors as well as simultaneously growing his own portfolio.

In this time Mark has developed his own investing skills and build a comprehensive understanding of the UK property industry spanning the length of the country.

Daniel Fatica

With a background in business law & property investment Daniel spent 18 months responsible for the growth, management & oversight of what ended up being a £20,000,000 foreign investor real estate debt fund.

Having personally placed over £7,000,000 in the year to September 2017 and securing a project pipeline to ensure investor returns, Daniel branched out to set up DJF Asset Management with Lindsay & Mark creating a firm specialising in short term property finance.

Lindsay Hopkins

Lindsay’s career in financial services spans more than 3 decades. In this time he has amassed numerous accolades. Having funded projects since 2003 his wealth of experience is a great asset to the management team.

As well as having founded and operated formal lending companies since 2009 Lindsay also runs consultancy businesses focussing on investing in the UK property market; Millionaires Action Plan & Future Performance Coaching LLP.

Your Next Move

Whether you’re looking to achieve stable and consistent returns in bricks and mortar, without the hassle, or looking to get funding for your next transformative project reach out today to see how we can help you.